St. Silouan Orthodox Church
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
603 Newell, Walla Walla, WA 99362
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  1. To foster a sense of sisterly care and friendship among all the women of St. Silouan Orthodox Church.
  2. To help with the upkeep of the Church and its grounds, encouraging each woman to serve in some capacity, as her time and talents allow.
  3. To minister as spiritual sisters to the physical and emotional needs of the members of St. Silouan Orthodox Church by prayer and acts of mercy.
  4. To promote acts of charity to the greater community on behalf of the entire parish


The Sisterhood of St Silouan Orthodox Church is an inclusive group, inviting the participation of all women of St Silouan’s.  We realize that most of what the Sisterhood does for the Parish happens organically, not through decisions and plans made at meetings, but because individuals or groups of women see a need which should be filled, or have an idea they wish to pursue with Father’s blessing.  Many needs of the Parish are filled by women who give a lot of themselves to provide food for coffee hour, for those in need, and for special events.  Women do a lot to care for the Church property, the sanctuary and to support the Priest in all the items needed for services and Feasts.  Community service activities are also sponsored by the women.  We look out for needs for the children and youth, and other social events to build a sense of community amongst all the members of our Parish. 

Upcoming Services
Friday, 28 March / 10 April
6:00 Pre-Sanctified Liturgy & Soup Supper
Saturday, 29 March / 11 April
7:00 Matins
8:30 Divine Liturgy
6:30 Great Vespers
Sunday, 30 March / 12 April
8:00 Matins
9:30 Divine Liturgy
6:30 Prision MInistry
Monday, 31 March / 13 April
6:30am Bridegroom Matins
6:00pm Pre-Sanctfied Liturgy
Tuesday, 1 / 14 April
6:30am Bridegroom Matins
6:00pm Pre-Sanctified Liturgy
Wednesday, 2 / 15 April
6:30am Bridegroom Matins
6:00pm Pre-Sanctified Liturgy
Thursday, 3 / 16 April
8:00am Vesperal Liturgy
6:00pm Vespers, Foot Washing, & Soup Supper
7:00pm Matins & Passion Gospels


St. Basil Academy of Classical Studies

St. Basil Academy offers a unique and exceptional academic experience for children residing in the Walla Walla Valley. While providing rigorous training in preparation for life-long learning, Classical Education is the most effective means of forming intelligent, thoughtful and well-rounded individuals able to use their God given talents to the utmost. 

“By Divine Providence, the diaspora emerged in order that the light of Orthodoxy would shine throughout the world.” — St John of Shanghai and San Francisco.

Sixty years ago, Saint John shepherded his flock of Russian refugees in the Philippines. Now a Russian Orthodox mission is working to share the fullness of the Faith.

Fr. Silouan, the priest at the mission, was a member of St. Silouan Orthodox Church before accepting the call to serve the people of the Philippines.

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