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Youth Group

Our Youth Group is open to any youth, 8th grade through high school (though we encourage our young adults who are a few years post high school to still participate!) to share once a month in a time of fellowship.  We typically have a time of spiritual discussion ranging from topics such as struggling to cultivate the virtues, the value of monastic pilgrimages, cultivating a life of prayer and silence, dating, or communication in relationships.  Our discussions are followed by a meal or light snacks and a social time together. 

In between our once a month gatherings, we occasionally gather for a community service project or an outdoor activity.  We also encourage the youth to participate in all Church events such as: work days, providing a meal at the local homeless shelter, spiritual talks, and workshops by the Priest or visiting clergy.  In Central Washington, there is a pan-Orthodox youth retreat monthly called Fellowship of the Cross in which we encourage participation by our Youth, ages 17-25.  As often as possible we have a small group from our Parish drive to participate in these larger, inspirational Youth gatherings to cultivate their faith and meet other young adults outside of our Parish.  Our Youth Group is led by Fr Daniel and Mat. Anastasia, with Vince and Margaret Stoyas playing a significant role in supporting our high school age youth through smaller discussion groups and social events. 

Upcoming Services
Friday, 28 March / 10 April
6:00 Pre-Sanctified Liturgy & Soup Supper
Saturday, 29 March / 11 April
7:00 Matins
8:30 Divine Liturgy
6:30 Great Vespers
Sunday, 30 March / 12 April
8:00 Matins
9:30 Divine Liturgy
6:30 Prision MInistry
Monday, 31 March / 13 April
6:30am Bridegroom Matins
6:00pm Pre-Sanctfied Liturgy
Tuesday, 1 / 14 April
6:30am Bridegroom Matins
6:00pm Pre-Sanctified Liturgy
Wednesday, 2 / 15 April
6:30am Bridegroom Matins
6:00pm Pre-Sanctified Liturgy
Thursday, 3 / 16 April
8:00am Vesperal Liturgy
6:00pm Vespers, Foot Washing, & Soup Supper
7:00pm Matins & Passion Gospels


St. Basil Academy of Classical Studies

St. Basil Academy offers a unique and exceptional academic experience for children residing in the Walla Walla Valley. While providing rigorous training in preparation for life-long learning, Classical Education is the most effective means of forming intelligent, thoughtful and well-rounded individuals able to use their God given talents to the utmost. 

“By Divine Providence, the diaspora emerged in order that the light of Orthodoxy would shine throughout the world.” — St John of Shanghai and San Francisco.

Sixty years ago, Saint John shepherded his flock of Russian refugees in the Philippines. Now a Russian Orthodox mission is working to share the fullness of the Faith.

Fr. Silouan, the priest at the mission, was a member of St. Silouan Orthodox Church before accepting the call to serve the people of the Philippines.

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